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The capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa, is the world’s largest French-speaking city. Its architecture is the amalgamation of modernity and the colonial era. It has thrilling energy with its music and art. Hiline Travel provides cheap tickets to Kinshasa, where you can enjoy outdoor adventure, music, and nature. Kinshasa has beautiful lakes, botanical parks, monuments, and national parks; which are the most desired places where any traveler would love to spend the vacation.

Kinshasa has lush green countryside where you can see the beauty of nature. Its park, Symphonies Naturelles is a marvelous place. In this park, you can enjoy concerts. In addition to this, Cercle de Kinshasa is a beautiful park and can be called an oasis in the big city. It has tennis and golf clubs, amazing eating places, and many outdoor as well as indoor activities. Tourists can enjoy amazing sports there and can discover wildlife too.

Kinshasa has a very thrilling musical culture, where you can enjoy the night partying and dancing. Kinshasa has excellent textile, woodwork, ceramic, and bronze sculptures. Kinshasa’s markets have a huge variety of different stuff for buyers. All the artwork of Kinshasa shows the marvelous local culture.

Kinshasa is an attractive place for those who love art. It is the city of art. Kinshasa has the largest art school. The National Institute of Arts, Kinshasa is the highest educational platform that provides training in arts. Kinshasa has every type of art, from street artists to posh galleries, each type of artist is present there.

Kinshasa has a very delicious cuisine. Not only the local entries are available at Kinshasa but also the various Asian and European Cuisines are also available there.  Cassava, fufu, rice, plantain, and potatoes are generally the staple foods eaten with other side dishes such as Liboke, Pondu, Chikwange, and Lituma.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has breathtaking wildlife. The capital of Congo celebrates its natural beauty and provides a serene natural environment. Its National Park, the Kahuzi-Biega National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has a diverse biosphere and places to hike. The famous mountains of Kinshasa Mount Kahuzi and Mount Biéga are tall enough to give a view of Kinshasa’s wildlife. Eastern lowland gorillas, African elephants, chimps, and antelope are some of the beautiful species found there.

Kinshasa has a wide coastal line with the River Congo, where people enjoy their afternoons cruising and enjoying the waters. It has a rich culture and its Marche des Voleurs is a thriving craft market where you can get the stuff of your interest. This is an open market but has worth purchasing stuff. From there onwards, you can go to the cafes and enjoy the local artist along with local food.

Kinshasa has a diverse environment. The activities for tourists never end at Kinshasa. Chutes de Lukaya is one such place where you can see the Bonobo sanctuary and orphanage. From there on you can go to the lake, ride a boat, and enjoy the delicious food there. You can also rent a bike there and swim in the pool. You can also enjoy the waterfalls at Kinshasa. TripAdvisor is the famous waterfall of Kinshasa.

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