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Freetown has a hilly terrain, which resembles the landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. The best part of Freetown is that the sea can be seen from any point in the city and the beach is always near you. It is a full package of entertainment as the days and nights are equally thrilling. The south-west area of the city has Sierra Leon’s most beautiful beaches. You can easily grasp tickets to Freetown by Hiline Travel, which provides sit clients with cheap flights to Lagos.

By a tour to Freetown, a traveler can learn about the history of Africa. The name Free town, the capital city of Sierra Leone, came from an interesting event when the British returned four hundred slaves from the Unites States. They settled a place and named it the Province of Freedom. It has some famous structures such as The Cotton Tree, Freetown Law Courts, The Slave Gate, and the Portuguese Steps, St John’s Maroon Church, Sierra Leon’s Museum. Foulah Town Mosque, and various forms of colonial architecture. It is the best place for those who want to dig into history.

The colorful markets of Freetown are a huge attraction to its visitors. These markets give a specific charm to the city. At night, the city buzzes with the sounds of nightclubs and bars and creates a party environment. At every notch of the city, there is an entertainment point for visitors. The country’s spirit is visible at its marathons. Sierra Leone’s Marathon is the world’s famous and renounced marathon, which is a fund raising event. Hiline Travel provides cheap tickets to Freetown so that its clients can enjoy the color of the city to the fullest.

Freetown has the world’s rarest species. The Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary has the most endangered wildlife of the globe. It has some 80 rare and elusive hippos and rare species of primates are also present there. It is Sierra Leone’s ecotourism place, which benefits the different communities near the island. In the forests, chimpanzees, red colobus, and Diana monkeys attract the tourers. In addition to this, there are about one hundred and thirty-plus species of birds that can be seen over the rivers of the island. It is the best place to enjoy the natural environment. Hiline Travel can make this place accessible with its cheap flights to Freetown, where you can rest in the surrounding nature.

Although the city has numerous restaurants, which provide various delicacies, the famous Salone dishes are worth trying. You can get the most delicious pancakes at Freetown and the juices of pineapple and mango add to the flavor of your breakfast. The city also has a huge variety of see food and you can get delicious fish, shellfish, lobster, crabs, and oysters there. The sea food is available at the restaurant as well as at the beach shacks, and both serve their own exquisite taste. Hiline Travel makes sure that its customers get cheap tickets to Freetown to enjoy all the available delicacies in the town.


Beach lovers! The place has you, as the beaches are glorious white, with the bluish-green waters; which are enough to keep its visitors stuck to Freetown. There are multiple chic restaurants to give you a place near the beaches. A traveler can see the anglers catching fish while feeling the warm breeze of the ocean.



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