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The provincial capital of South Africa, Johannesburg is the best tourism place for shopping, nightlife, dining, observing big city culture, to experience wildlife adventures, and enjoying various outdoor activities. Moreover, the city is a place for exploring caves, and reserves of nature, and seeing traditional villages. In Johannesburg markets, you can find unique souvenirs for your family and friends. It has become so easy to visit Johannesburg with Hiline Travel’s cheap tickets to Johannesburg. The company provides low-budget flights to Johannesburg to make your visit economical.


If you are planning to visit a beautiful place to spend your vacations, then Johannesburg is undoubtedly an apt place. It is the capital of the richest province of South Africa. Johannesburg is not only the biggest city in South Africa, but also one of the top 5o largest urban areas of the world. It is South Africa’s commercial, financial, and cultural hub; and has all the facilities to entertain its visitors. It has two international airports and transit points for connecting flights to Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and Durban. These are among the few reasons why you should visit Johannesburg. These people are amiable and the tourist places are outstanding. Book your flights to Johannesburg by Hiline Travel and get discounts on your flights.

Apartheid Museum is one of the desired places which tourists want to visit. This museum was opened in 2001 and it illustrates the vicissitudes of Apartheid, a system of social, political, and economic segregation that was previously present in South Africa. There is a collection of photographs, text panels, and artifacts, which describe human stories of that era.  The museum aptly displays the difficulties that were faced by black Africans at that time. If have an interest in history and the evolution of human rights then this is the right place to enhance your knowledge.

Johannesburg is full of important historical places. There are places, which show South Africa’s pathway to democracy. The Socking Constitution Hill was previously a prison and military fort. It confined thousands of men and women of different origins including Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Albertina Sisulu, and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Tourists can explore different jails for men and women; South Africa’s highest court, i.e. the constitutional court of South Africa there. There you can hire a guide who can tell you about how the previous prisoners spent their lives there, in which manner they were treated, the dietary discrimination determined by skin color, and the heinous punishments the prisoner has to endure. It is the best place to understand Black’s struggles for freedom.

Another worth visiting place in Johannesburg is Soweto. Soweto is an acronym for South Western Townships. Previously gold miners and black Africans lived there. It was a segregated area, where no whites were allowed. Previously, it was a hub for conflicts between the government and Blacks. However, today it has many tourist attractions like Nobel Laureate Walk, the Mandela Museum, Orlando Towers, and the Hector Pietersen Museum.

Maboneng is the Manhattan of South Africa. There you can see developing art. It is one of the 12 coolest places declared by Forbes. Its vibrant environment can be seen on its streets, buildings, restaurants, its art galleries, markets, rooftops, and museums. You see the beautiful sunset from the rooftops. There you can enjoy delicious food and lively music. Moreover, its bars with local DJs are best to cheer your mood up.

In Johannesburg, you can find international cuisine, locally produced South African clothes, and accessories, their craft, music, and much more. There are many indoor and outdoor shopping places in Johannesburg. Market on Main, Neighborhoods, and Rosebank Sunday Market are the famous ones. These markets are more than just shopping places, as on the rooftop of the Neighborhood you can enjoy the city’s view and listen to live music while taking a sunbath.  In Market on Main, you can visit artistic studios, art galleries, and idiosyncratic shops.



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