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Entebbe is famous for its beaches in Uganda. Entebbe has the country’s only international airport. It is Uganda’s beautiful town in Wakiso District. This town is surrounded by Lake Victoria, vegetation, and beautiful landscapes. Due to this topography, Entebbe has a cool temperature with a charming nature. It is a small town but it has key historical places in Uganda. Previously it was the administrative capital of Uganda, therefore it will establish and has many attractions for tourism. Moreover, the official state house of Uganda and the United Nations’ largest logistic base is also in Entebbe. To this small but beautiful place, book your cheap flights to Entebbe by Hiline Travel and make your vacations memorable. Entebbe has beautiful beaches, hotels, and wildlife. It is a clean and cool town, with a serene environment.

In Africa, the largest freshwater lake is Lake Victoria. This lake is located in Entebbe and is the second-largest lake in the world. This lake surrounds Entebbe on all sides and provides an opportunity for several lake activities like swimming, fishing, boat cruises, island hopping, and relaxing on the lake. Entebbe has the most popular beaches in Uganda, white beach, Spena beach, Aero beach, Sports beach, and Imperial Resort beach are popular ones. In Entebbe, you can find beaches in resorts and hotels as well such as Anderita and Botanical beach hotels. There you can enjoy music and boat activities to enjoy your lively vacations.

Sailing clubs in Entebbe are best for sunset boat cruises. The club organizes sports competitions in the lake. There you can enjoy yourself with your friends by eating food and drinking their beverages. It is required to be a member of the club to enjoy its activities but friends of members are also allowed there. On the cruises, you can enjoy a trip from Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre to the Ssese Islands.

Entebbe’s Botanical Gardens are very charming and full of natural beauty. It is the place where the original Tarzan movies were filmed. Those who want quiet and peaceful places visit this place to relax. These gardens are not only famous for recreational purposes, but also for academic learning. Owing to its extensive biodiversity of both plants and birds, this place is a useful ecotourism place. Colobus and Vervet monkeys are also present there. You can hire a guide, who will guide you about all the species of the garden. From visiting different zones of the garden, your tour will end at the shores of Lake Victoria. To see this exceptional place, book your cheap flights to Entebbe by Hiline Travel and save your resources to enjoy Entebbe.

Entebbe’s zoo is Africa’s best educational center to learn about wildlife. It is also a rehabilitation center for rescued animals. It has beautiful wildlife and charming scenery. This place can give you a quick overview of Uganda’s National Parks. DeBraza monkeys, baboons, hyenas, pythons, lions, ostriches, antelopes, leopards, buffaloes, and chimpanzees can be seen there. In addition to these animals, 121 species of birds are also present there. These animals are kept in large spacious areas, resembling their natural habitat. From the zoo, you can go to the Lake to ride camel and donkeys. Furthermore, the Reptile Sanctuary and Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary has almost all kinds of rescued reptiles and 40 rescued chimpanzee respectively.

In Entebbe, two main markets for shopping are present. In Entebbe’s market, you can purchase Uganda’s local fruits and foods. There you can see some people bargaining and some simply sitting and gossiping about current trends. Entebbe’s Kitubulu forest is a perfect place for strolling and walking toward the beaches. This forest is also used for research. Zika Forest is the best place for those who love birds and want to see tropical forests. There you can find monkeys, birds, and beautiful butterflies.

Entebbe’s Craft Village is the largest craft village in Uganda. There you can see wood carvings, bags, African fabric, paintings, place mats, ornaments, etc. You can also get customized-sized clothing in this village. Gately Inn Entebbe is Entebbe’s open-air restaurant where you can dine in a beautiful garden and relish any type of international dish. Faze 3 is famous for Indian and continental food, and for pizzas you can visit Arthur’s Café and Goretti’s Pizza. To enjoy Entebbe’s nightlife there are many clubs where you can spend nights enjoying.  Entebbe is a fascinating and holistic tourist place. Tourists can enjoy all types of entertainment there.

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