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If you want to spend your vacations at a cool and pleasant place then you must have to visit Harare. It is the capital of Zimbabwe and has a very beautiful spring. The best part of the city is that it has a spring season from September to December, so you can enjoy your winter vacations in Harare. It has modern buildings, parks, and beautiful passages; which make it a beautiful tourist attraction. Harare is a historical and cultural place and has something special for each of its visitors. Hiline Travel can help you visit this beautiful place with its cheap tickets to Harare.

Harare has beautiful resort areas and wonderful wildlife. The city is surrounded by beautiful plains and other nice places. The abundant wildlife of Harare has giraffes, lions, wildebeests, and many other endangered species, which you might not see in any other place. Moreover, the majestic museums and splendid gardens make the travelers encapsulate the beauty of Harare. With Hiline Travel’s cheap flights to Harare, you can make a memorable tour to the capital of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s famous wildlife sanctuary, Wild Is Life Grand Zimbabwe, is located near Harare international airport. It is the habitat of many local wildlife species. This sanctuary provides visitors to see beautiful animals and get a close view of those innocent creatures. There are many cute baby elephants, giraffes, lions, and cheetahs. Therefore, no one can miss the chance to enjoy visiting those beautiful creatures.

Thetford Game Reserve is 30 kilometers away from Harare; it is a beautiful tourist spot where you can enjoy your day appreciating the beauty of nature and its creatures. It is spread over hundreds of hectors and has abundant wildlife with more than 150 varieties of birds. This place was founded for the animals to breed and save the species from becoming extinct. It is an excellent ecotourism place where you can enjoy a hassle-free day. You can also hire a safari guide to get close to the animals.

Harare has a lot more than just National Parks, its botanical gardens are also worthy of your visit. Just 4 kilometers away from Harare lies National Botanical Garden. This garden has a wide range of trees and plant varieties that attract tourists. Tourist enjoys their day by going to picnic in this garden.

Historical places of Harare show its national history of liberation. The National Heroes’ Acre celebrates and pays tribute to the fighters of the liberation war. People around the globe visit this place to tour this place. Many items there can give you an overview of how the fighter fought for the liberty of their country. In Msasa Park, Chapungu Sculpture Park exhibits local stone sculpture and art. People who have artistic taste can truly enjoy this place.

Animal lovers have something very special in Harare. Lion and Cheetah park and Snake World are the ideal places to see the beasts closely. It is just 30 minutes away from Harare, which can make your trip worthwhile.


Harare does not have beaches but it has water activities. You can visit the Arcacia Dam and Lake Chivero which give the opportunity to its visitors to enjoy the water activities such as boating, skiing, and tubing. In addition to this, Harare has some good places for shopaholics. Sam Levy’s village has many markets to explore a variety of items according to your taste. It is an ideal place for your winter vacations.



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